We are a small family business specialized in baby and children equipment rental for holidaymakers visiting the region. Our mission is to make your family’s stay as comfortable and fun as possible. We work with the Hotel Complexes and Rental Managers to offer you a pleasant and hassle-free experience. When booking equipment with us, in most cases, your equipment will already be installed and ready to use when you arrive.

We also offer our services to the people of the region. Are you grandparents and want to welcome your grandchildren? Do you just need to rent an item for a few days? Do not hesitate, our service is for everyone!

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But who are we really?

We are a small family established in the region for more than ten years. In 2013 we welcomed our first daughter in our family. In 2016 we welcomed our second daughter. Shortly after, the opportunity to buy the company came to us. Equipment rental, what a good idea! 

We know that any trip with children can prove to be a real puzzle … The holidays or a simple stay with family or friends can become very complex to plan: do not forget the blanket, the park , the stroller, etc! You can now afford to travel lighter. This is especially important for you if you have to fly or if the cappacity of your car trunk is limited!

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We strongly advise you to reserve your equipment as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

Here are some installations …